Thursday, February 28, 2013

Comfortably Classic Black Dress

I live in NYC, where long-distance walking is a part of everyday life.  So, believe me when I say, with empathy, I know it is hard to rock three inch high heels on a daily basis.  These flats will give your feet the day off, while maintaining your status as "most fashionable" wherever you are.  

Let's deconstruct this outfit.  The foundation is very casual -- a pair of comfy flats and an ultra figure-forgiving cotton dress.  But, this outfit is dressed up with classic accessories.  The accessories will make you look put together, but allow you to feel comfortable all day long.  I love this outfit, because it uses items that most of us have in our closets.   I hope you do too!

Shoes: Kohl's $35
Belt: Forever 21 $5
Sunglasses: Forever 21 $6
Hat: Forever 21 $11
Handbag: Forever 21 $30
Dress: Target $25
Total: $112

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