Thursday, February 28, 2013

Passion for Pink Clothes

I haven't always been comfortable with pink.  I thought pink was too girly, and usually reserved for girls that were trying way too hard to get attention.  I've come to realize that pink can be just as très chic as black -- when done right.  What makes this look work?  The sweater and skirt match to give a streamlined look, while the ruffled lace blouse adds interest.  The gold metallic bow is meant to be worn over the pink sweater, accentuating your waist.  The flowers can be pinned on the top right or left of the sweater, or worn in your hair.  This outfit combines sass, sweetness, and sophistication.  It proves that we can (and should) be passionate about pink!

Pearls: Forever 21 $2
Belt: Forever 21 $9
Shoes: DSW $40
Sweater: Old Navy $25
Skirt: Target $25
White Shirt: Forever 21 $11
Flowers: Forever 21 $3
Handbag: Forever 21 $20
Total: $135

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