Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dress Cutouts: The First Step Towards a New Career

I want to dress just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...said no one ever.  Yet, somehow dresses imitating the 1990's most famous prostitute are flooding store racks.  As you will remember, her signature style was a skin-tight dress with cutouts on the side.

Inexplicably, the dresses below are being sold today.  In 2013.  To women who, presumably, do not want to be mistaken for prostitutes. 

The top three dresses are strikingly similar to the Pretty Woman style.  Really, they are only missing the silver ring.  Where would you even wear this style? Clubbing?  That's my best guess.  But, there are so many better options.  

The bottom row dresses are truly a mystery to me.  They have the sweetness of a dress that you would wear to dinner or to church, but the cutouts make them virtually unwearable.  They scream "dressy prostitute." 

Let's stop this trend before it begins. 

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